The Strayin´ Sparrows

Psychedelic Blues Rock

New Album SKYSHIP Out Now!

About The Strayin´ Sparrows

“A must band in listening to if you truly do like your rock n’ roll with some psychedelic blues rock sunshine.”
- Forkster, UK Blues Rock Online Magazin

If Tarantino were to make a Sci-Fi movie, set in the sparkling sixties, Strayin’ Sparrows’ music would be the theme score. The band´s new album, “Skyship”, teleports audiences into new realms of music, on a frequency like no other – dirty bluesrock is pushed in to psychedelic spheres with an impromptu edge, making each live - show pretty much out of this world.

This band from Ratisbona / Germany blends psychedelic stoner into a rock n’ roll garage fusion mix. Don’t miss a beat – the boys will be straying into Europe’s clubbing and festival scene early next year. Keep a weather eye out for new music videos coming out soon.

Music & Media

Official Video "Ghost Of My Dreams"

Live Performance "Ghost Of My Dreams"

Live Performance "Bangkok Roulette"

Both albums are available on Itunes, Spotify and many other stores.

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Contact and Management

Business affairs, media or booking requests please send to:

Konstantin Morjan
Tunsa Music
0172 84 84 117